Meet the animals! 

One dog. Five cats. And A LOT of chickens.

Jerry Lee, 4 years old

Fiercest protector of my children and our chickens! Tolerator of cats. Jerry Lee was adopted from a local German Shepherd rescue in November 2019. He was pulled from a high kill shelter in South Carolina, as he was very high on the list. We don't know his full story, but when he was pulled he was in very rough shape. He's now spoiled rotten. He loves playing with my kids, finding muddy puddles and rolling in them, and mooching for snacks. 

Oliver, 10 years old


Oliver is a Maine Coon.  He has been with me through it all, since before my husband. He loves rubbing his face on your toes, any kind of lunchmeat, and snuggling. 



Little Foot, ~5 years old


We don't really know how old Little Foot is, but guess at this age. He came to us as a rescue from a hoarding situation, and was super emaciated. You'd never know that now - I call him my house hippo! His favorite things are eating anything, drinking running water from the tub, and snuggling with my son.


Lulu, 24 years old (yes! 24 years old!)


Lulu was rescued at the age of 14, when her owner was getting rid of her.  She's a purebred Himalayan, and just as mean as she is beautiful, though she has mellowed out a bit in her old age. Just like Oliver, she's been with me since the beginning. I hope she lives another 10 years! 


Delilah, 6 years old


One night, I received a phone call about a tiny Tortoise Shell kitten who was found outside, wasn't walking right, wasn't thriving, and of course I ran to pick her up. After lots of love, bottle feeding, and vet visits, she began to thrive. Delilah was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Her cerebellum didn't form completely, which means she struggles with walking and balancing. She is the sweetest and friendliest of all of our cats. She has the biggest attitude, and is also our best mouser! 

Mimo, 1 year old


Mimo was adopted last May, and was named by my son who couldn't say "Nemo" and the name Mimo stuck. She's supposedly a Persian, though I can most definitely see some Maine Coon in there as well. She is feisty, and has loved playing with Jerry Lee since she was a tiny kitten. 



...Last but not least, the chickens!