Why we homeschool...

TLDR: Our five-year-old son Zander is gifted, and our local public school was unable to accommodate his needs. We started homeschooling November 2022. 

Long version:  Zander is gifted (placement exams indicate a 3rd and 4th grade level for most subjects). Our public school was unable (or unwilling...) to bump him up a grade. He was having behavioral issues because he was so bored - the curriculum that they were "teaching" him was something that he had already mastered and the administration stated that because of his behavior he could not even be considered to be moved up a grade. We were getting calls and emails from the principals and teacher daily, sometimes multiple times per day. His teacher was trying her best, but it just wasn't working.

When I picked him up each afternoon, he was focused on "how many troubles" he had gotten into - not what he learned or enjoyed throughout the day. We pulled him from school right after Thanksgiving break 2022. He was scheduled to go back, and he started crying saying he hated it and was so bored and didn't want to go. My mama heart knew it was the right choice at that moment, and I sent the email to withdraw him. It was most definitely the right decision. He still has some behavioral troubles, but they are nothing like they were while he was enrolled in public school.


Initially, we tried a curriculum where I had to print things for each day and it was only parent taught. This was a struggle for us, as we also have Zoelle (2) at home. We then went with Power Homeschool, and it's been the absolute best choice! It's a great mix of us teaching him and then actual teachers from Acellus Academy teaching him via video, practice work, in app quizzes and exams, etc all online. We love it! I can also supplement with things I want to teach him, different unique printables, field trips, and whatever else we want to do!